Open Source Solutions

You may be using computer applications that are perfectly suited to your business, and if so you probably don't care about Open Source Solutions. But if like most businesses, you're compensating, relying on a spreadsheet or some other manual document for important business decisions, then Open Source Solutions may prove to be a huge TECHNOLOGY Advantage.

Open Source Solutions are a growing part of the computer systems landscape. They are mature, feature-rich applications, often developed with a global group of contributors; and usually made available for use without license fees.
You read that correctly!!
There are fees for implementation assistance and for personalized training; but usually no up-front fees to get a copy of the software. And no additional fees if you want to add a user. And no additional fees for upgrades.

Everyone knows that the lowest-cost solution is not always the best solution; but it's always a very good place to start! And if an Open Source Solution is a good fit to your business needs, then it's probably the lowest-cost; and it's probably a good place for you to start.

If your computer applications are NOT perfectly suited to your business, but you're continuing with them because of the cost of changing, we may have an Open Source Solution for you. We are very active in the Open Source Solution arena. We have experience with a number of excellent applications and regularly research others. Some of the very best Open Source Solutions include:

  • Openbravo
  • Scalix
  • Open Office
  • Drupal
  • Plone
  • dotProject

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