turning TECHNOLOGY to Advantage, is more than just a slogan at AIM Systems.
It defines our business strategy and provides the basis for evaluating our success.

We provide increasing value to each of our clients as they participate in our corporate initiatives.
Each initiative is an opportunity to achieve greater value from computer systems.
Each initiative is an opportunity to turn TECHNOLOGY to Advantage.

Professional Support
Not to be confused with the support provided by the heavily-accented student manning the "[not-much]Help Desk", Professional Support matches an assessment of your support needs with a strategy to monitor and respond to your needs.

Professional Support is Risk Management. Professional Support is not expensive .

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Open Source Solutions
If you are considering a computer software upgrade or improvement, then you need to consider Open Source Solutions. These are mature, feature-rich applications, often developed with a global group of contributors; and usually made available for use without license fees.

Open Source Solutions should be your starting point for any new application.

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Tailored Development
Whether you use Open Source Solutions or some proprietary software; inevitably there is going to be something that you need to do differently. We have the staff and the expertise to preserve your uniqueness within your application software.

Tailored Development is an extraordinary service, not widely available.

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