Professional Support

At AIM Systems, our business begins with Professional Support!

That's because so many of our clients began doing business with us to receive Professional Support, and our business co-operation has grown from there.

But don't confuse Professional Support with the cheery (or not-so-cheery) voices you hear on the telephone when you have a computer or cell-phone problem. Our entire staff is committed to responding to your problems immediately after they occur; and hopefully before they occur. Helping you to recognize potential problems before they become Support Problems is what makes AIM Systems Support - professional.

We start with an Initial Assessment. It's not complicated. It's not time-consuming. It can often be completed over the phone. We try to recognize common oversights within your business practices that involve your computers and computer systems. We look to identify Risks ... issues which, if left unattended, will eventually result in a problem requiring support. We quantify the Risks and help you realize the true cost of support problems.

Then we provide a strategy to manage those Risks. We monitor and review critical factors. We help you anticipate a problem before it becomes acute. Professional Support isn't satisfied with sitting by the phone; waiting for your pain.

It sounds expensive!

We use computer applications to perform most of the monitoring. More importantly YOU determine if the Risk is great enough to warrant Professional Support.

Some of the more obvious requirements for Professional Support focus on:

  • Business Continuity / Disaster Response Planning
  • Workstation / Server Resource Availability
  • Spyware / Virus Updating
  • Staff Skill Updating

You may not need our Professional Support; but if you do, we're certain that you'll begin to see AIM Systems as a company capable of turning TECHNOLOGY to your Advantage.

For more details or to schedule an Initial Assessment please Contact Us.